The city of Cumaná
the first of the continent

Cumaná is maritime, the first of the continent, inheritor of our 'Gran Mariscal', and it is the capital of Sucre State. She is birthplace of liberators, poets, and folksingers. She is the mother of Mariscal José de Sucre, the universal soldier, faithful commander...

The Araya Peninsula
virgin beaches and sunshine

The word Araya comes from ARAI-A, which means in Warao language ON or ABOVE, so Araya could mean LAND THAT EMERGES FROM THE WATER. Its capital, a city called by the same name, has huge salt deposits which enrich the food of its inhabitants...

The Paria Peninsula

It is a geography done by the Creator in a very special way. Its beaches look like long and short strokes of Nature's brush. The greenness of its vegetation are gathered by the crystalline waters of its shores. the eternal amiability of its people together with its ins, makes..

Mochima tourist center
 "Land of many waters"

Mochima in our native language means, "Land of many waters". Besides being the name of our national park is it also the name of the town located in that land, and it is also near Cumaná city.
It is the tourist center with plenty of ...